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Peraeus Tower 2010- Changing the Facedes

Participation Contest: "Piraeus Tower - Changing the Facedes", e-magazine "Greek Architects".

Participation Group: Angeliki Lo, Ourania Kornarou, Ifigenia Papamikroulea, Artemis Papadatou.

Year: 2010.



The story of Piraeus Tower, the unfortunate concurrence of the coexistence of a feeling of prestige that emerges with the character of the landmark, with the feeling of degradation that arises from its uselessness, acts to us as inspiration for the central idea of a morphology that will recreate its facades and thus its image.  This double identity of the edifice and the contradicting feeling that it creates to the observer was the reason for parallelisms with images of abandoned buildings with plant covered walls. The creeper plants are dispersed on the entire surface of the wall while, in time, they die leaving behind dried branches as traces of a past life and the mark of abandonment.

With starting point of our inspiration this structure of dry ivy, we want to create a shell of protection to the building that refreshes its character as landmark without overriding its long-suffering history. We indicate its status as landmark that is given due to its dimensions and we highlight it through the particular morphology of its shell, its colour and its lighting. With respect to the history, the status and the significance of the tower, we consider the external shell the most appropriate solution, leaving the existing building as much intact as possible. 

The basic structure of the shell is inspired by the unique case of symbiosis of a plant with the edifice itself, which is described in the image of an ivy spread on a wall. The position of the tower so close to the sea gives rise to the desire of a dialogue between the water element and one more natural element. Since the area lacks the presence of green and is characterised by its dense urban web, our goal was to restore an aspect of nature in the facades of the tower, that are the most vital place, visible in great distance.



While maintaining almost entirely the existing architecture of Piraeus Tower, the basis of our intervention lies in the addition of a second façade system that changes drastically the appearance of the building. This façade does not conceal the tower but affects its morphology, while it covers and reveals, at the same time, its original facades. Attempting a configuration of a solution for the shell of the building one of our basic purposes was the level of usefulness. The shell works as a shading system, thus greatly reducing sun exposure and energy loss. Moreover its pattern is based on a repetitive facade-unit, for ease in construction.

 The material of choice is corian superface that has great resistance against the solar radiation and durability for external use. Thus it accomplishes the use that we wished to give to the external façade. Moreover, it inspired us with its possibilities as it gives a feeling of flux and a continuation of the facades with as much unnoticeable unions as possible. We preserve the white colour as we consider it to blend with the environment successfully, adding this way the uniqueness that we desired.  

 Preserving in a great degree the existing façade, we replace the glass windows with Dupont SentryGlass in order to increase the durability against weather conditions and the resistance in time. These windows are lighter and thus safer and more durable, avoiding decay due to solar exposure.

For our lightening proposition we choose led lights put in a second infrastructure in front of the glass facade. Their colours vary from dark yellow to dark green so as to give a gradient effect.